Smoke Hole Caverns, Seneca Rocks, & Blackwater Falls, West Virginia

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Touring West Virginia in a Day

Smoke Hole Caverns A "Marriage"
  West Virginia driving is quite fun.
Seneca Rocks! The trail to the top...
And a river runs through it... It's even further than it looks...
Yeah, like really far. Blackwater Falls... very refreshing.
It rained for a couple days straight, so the water was surging, and the water truly appeared black (imagine the "chocolate falls" from Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory, just on steroids and outdoors).

The mist just floated and embraced everything within for at least 100 yards billowing into the Spring air.

The sound of crashing cascades of blackwater filled the air and you could feel its power. Pretty cool.

Climbing out of the falls, a welcoming gang of smiling dandies in the sun.

  Cool... always good to see alternative energy sources.

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