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NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

First stop, the Visitor's Center.  Learn more at
The group of lucky students... and Me :)
The coolest projection system... it's an actual sphere that you can walk around for a 360 degree view of, well, anything.  Above, the early Universe.
A view of the Sun. A filtered view of the Sun's solar storms.
Our precious and fragile home.
Next stop... the inner workings of the Goddard campus.  

The Astronomy-101 gang.

The Sound Testing Room

The holes in the left wall are giant sub-woofers.


Goddard scientists busy replicating the outer space environment.

  A replica of the top section of the Hubble.

This thing spins at over 200 miles per hour.

Entrance to the giant centrifuge.  
  The Hubble program manager.
We were lucky to get a hands on explanation of the Hubble telescope.
The Clean Room... with a complete duplicate model of the Hubble for testing purposes.

Day-to-day To-Do list.

  The "space blanket" manufacturing room.
Fellow Astro-101 students on the Metro. Thanks Professor Butterworth!
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